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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Using Internet

For student like myself, the Internet is very3x important thing because it will make our work became more easier.  We can gain knowledge only use Internet, but Internet also can give bad effect to us.  It depends on ourself how to prevent it.

I started to using Internet when I was in Standard 3.  During that time, I only knew how to find song and artist.  I still don't know other usage of Internet.  Now, I can use Internet and I even have social networking such as Blog and Facebook.  I think I have became a lot better than before and I can link to other people when they talk about Internet.

I can teach you how to make Facebok account:

Easy right?  Having facebook can connects people all around the world.  Recently I found my old friend, we have lost contact about 7 years.  We live in the same state but can you imagine that we connect with each other on facebook.

I started using blog this year.  This is my blog!!  I make it on my own, it takes me only 1 day to create this blog...!!  What do you think about my blog?? I'm just write what I want to share although I know there are only a few people want to read my blog or maybe nobody want to read my blog.  :(  Ok, here are steps to make blog:

I'm refer to you tube to create a blog. So, after I watched this video I understand it and I started to make it. It's not complicated. ;D

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