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Monday, 5 September 2011

My Lovely Laptop

Side View
I'm still remember the day when I got my laptop as a present from my father because I was accepted to further my studies at UitTM Perak.  I'm soooo happy.  On that day I can only said to my father " OMG!! I love you VERY333 Much!! You buy me my favourite laptop!! haha..  For the first time I got my laptop I don't know how to use it but, i tried my best.  Everyday, I explore my laptop and everyday I learn new things, I'm so happy because now I can use my laptop easily.  Having a laptop makes my job became more easily because I can use it every time when I need it.  I can use it when I want to do my assignment.  For example, I can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point.  Here are my laptop model.
Front View
 I started to use Microsoft Word since I'm in Standard 3.  During that time I always wrote song lyrics using Microsoft Word and I love to do it.  But, when I'm in Part 1 I learnt new thing such as how to set margin, paragraph and how to insert table.  It's very convenient.
I started using Microsoft Excel since I'm in Form 3, but I'm just learn basic things.  When I'm in part 3 my CS lecturer teach us how to use Microsoft Excel and for me it's quite difficult than Microsoft Word.
When I'm in Part 1, I started using Microsoft Power Point because my lecturer wanted us to use it to make presentation.  From that, I start to learn how to make an interesting slide.  We can use our creativity when we want to use it because Microsoft Power Point have many kind of background, animations and sound.  I love it...

So, I'm sure all of you want your laptop in a good condition right?  Same like me, I always make sure my laptop clean and keep in a safe place. Here are some tips on using laptop: 

Depends on yourself what kind of laptop you want to buy because we have many types of laptop in market such as Vaio, Toshiba, Acer and others.

Just pick which one you want to buy!! :D

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